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Our Clients


The mortgage industry is always changing; new rules, new regulations and new guidelines. From clients with excellent credit and income, to clients with no income and no credit, we treat all of our clients equally; with respect, fairness and we do not judge. Obtaining a mortgage, whether it is a First, Second or even a Third, is one of the largest purchases of your lifetime. Leave it to the expert mortgage professionals at Boss Mortgages TMC to ease you through the process. We are here to help.



"A few years ago Elizabeth was highly recommended by a friend of mine. Since then I have used her for many mortgages. She takes the time to answer my many questions and she always finds a solution that suits my needs. I highly recommend Elizabeth especially if your particular situations doesn't fit into a neat little box."  Eli Barranger (Taken right from Google reviews)


"Elizabeth is a excellent mortgage broker who helps clients in difficult financial situations. Her care and hard work have paid off because many of her clients start with private loans and she has helped them get to more traditional lending. Regardless of what financial situation a borrower finds themselves in, she is always ready to help!" - Sandra Lastovic, TMC Guelph (Taken right from Google reviews)


"We have recently had the pleasure of working Boss Mortgages TMC. Jen is a very motivated, honest and hard working individual. She did everything she could to find us the best mortgage rate for our very challenging situation and met with us several times to keep us updated on all steps in the process. Jen did what other mortgage agents said they could do but could not. We were very pleased with her level of service and would highly recommend Jen again." - Lisa and Doug


"We would like to say a HUGE Thank You for your help and FREE advice and the many, many, many phone calls, emails and text back and forth. Not once did you complain or not take our call and for that we are grateful. I know we were challenging clients but you were there for us always, never gave up on us and now we are in our OWN HOME. We can never thank you enough for that. Truly. We will always recommend you because of that. We tell everyone about you and how hard you worked to make this happen. Love and hugs always." - Robyn


"Thank you Elizabeth for working with me over the years. It was challenging but we finally got me back with a bank. You said it could be done. I followed your advice and game plan and it wasn't long and I climbed that ladder and went from a private mortgage back to a bank with a much better interest rate. Thank you soooo much!" Marion


"Very pleased with the job Liz did helping us obtain a mortgage for our farm in Eastern Ontario. Would recommend her services to anyone in the agriculture business that needs to obtain financing." - Margo Sortberg (Taken right from Google reviews)


"Well what can I say? I needed a third mortgage and you managed to find me a 3rd. I didn't even think that was possible. While I don't particularly like to be in this position, it was necessary and I am happy you found a lender for me. And a lender who is willing to work with me until I can get out of this situation that I'm in. So a big thank you for not judging me either. I am forever grateful to you Liz and your company." David 

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