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Purchases and 1st Time Home Buyers

Whether this is your First Home, or your last home or some where in between, we can help you find the right mortgage for your particular situation. That's what we do. We work with you. "We're not the boss, you are!" We work for you, not the lenders.

Refinances for Debt Consolidation

Sometimes debt happens. Maybe you're wondering if we can help you. We CAN help you. We have many different ways to help you even if you have bad or no credit, poor or no cash flow, are behind on property taxes, owe CRA or are on pension or disability income. We have helped thousands of people in the same situation. We are here to help you. 

FREE Financial Counselling 

Not sure which is the right mortgage product for you and your particular situation? Want the best and lowest mortgage rate but not sure who is offering it? Elizabeth is an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® and can help you with all your Mortgage questions. Who better to ask for help then someone who is Accredited? 

STOP! Before you ruin your credit with a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, talk to us first. There are other ways to fix your credit and get out of debt and I can help you. We have helped many people avoid consumer proposals and bankruptcy.

Contact us now! Elizabeth is an AFCC® - Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada ®

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