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What exactly is a "Boutique Mortgage Brokerage"...?

...and what does that mean to you, the mortgage seeker?

Boss Mortgages is considered a Boutique Brokerage and we are licensed professionals here to help you. That means when you call us, you reach either myself, Elizabeth, the Principal Broker or one of the Boss Mortgage Agent's right away. We know that when you call, it's because you have questions NOW. We want to be there to answer them. Sometimes we are on the phone with another client or in a meeting with a client and cannot take your call, but we will call you back as soon as we are able to. We offer FREE consultations and FREE expert advice.

Bankers Boxers - What?

They are sturdy cardboard boxes that are used to hold client files.

As a boutique mortgage brokerage we take great pride in specializing in helping clients find Mortgages that don’t fit in bankers boxes. Well, what exactly is a bankers box you ask and why are more people not fitting into the box? A really quick history on what a bankers box is. The story goes back to 1917 when the Bankers Box Company was formed to store bank records. They are sturdy cardboard boxes that are used to hold client files. As you know, most of your information is stored in a file whether it is an electronic file or a paper file. So, if your file, your information, does not fit into the bankers box “theoretically speaking”, you will likely be declined for a mortgage at that bank. Ironically, bankers boxes usually come in one size.

We specialize in helping clients find a mortgage that suits them. You are not just the next client coming through a revolving door.

At Boss Mortgages The Mortgage Centre we specialize in helping clients find a mortgage if they don’t fit in these bankers boxes. We specialize in these types of mortgages. We love helping clients who just want the best rate that they can get for their particular situation; the lowest rate for them. Or even clients who want to refinance at the lowest rate they can get, but extend the amortization so that they can increase their cash flow. Or they want to refinance to take out a little more more money to complete a renovation or to consolidate some debt. Everyone has a different situation. Everyone’s requirements are specific to them. Everyone has a different size box.


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