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 Elizabeth (Liz) Gnoinski

Senior Mortgage Broker and Principal Broker


 I am a multi-linguist of mortgages; I speak fluent challenging and hard to place mortgages. 

Elizabeth Gnoinski Boss Mortgages Principal BrokerElizabeth Gnoinski Boss Mortgages Principal Broker

My grandfather was a successful businessman and I inherited his business gene. I built and sold my first business for a small profit in the year 2000 and from then on I was hooked. I finally left my stable day job in my mid 40’s to become self-employed and have never looked back. 

Listening and understanding my clients means getting the job done right the first time. It’s all about the client and what is best for them. I really like to help people and it shows; customer service is very important to me. 

My path to get to where I am has been anything but straight. I have worn many hats and as a result I have a unique ability to navigate and find solutions for complex challenges. There is always a solution. Always.

I grew up in Northern Ontario (Sudbury) and spent years in Winnipeg and Calgary. My heart is now in Southern Ontario, near Brantford, where I truly feel at home. 

Giving back to the community is important to me and I have been a member of organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, Business and Professional Women, Closed Access Chairperson for the Cancer Society and the Community Advisory Committee for Homelessness Partnering Initiatives. Currently I am a member of Mortgage Professionals Canada. The Mortgage Centre franchise also supports the Make a Wish Foundation.

Having a farming background I specializes in agricultural mortgages and have helped many farmers obtain first, second and even third mortgages. I understand the passion of the farming community and farming life and as a mobile mortgage broker she will gladly attend kitchen meetings at the farm whether it be cash crop, livestock, equestrian or other.

When it comes to challenging mortgage needs, either in purchasing a first home or refinancing a current home, I can answer any questions and help you through the entire process. From first, second and even third mortgages to finding great rates with banks and monoline or private lenders, I can help. 855-755-1904